Tackle Football

Cost - $ 85.00

Registration Closed at this time

We aim to teach young men and women the game of football. Our goals are to teach the fundamentals of the game, sportsmanship, adversity, teamwork, and respect. Our league is affiliated with USA Football and will incorporate “heads up tackling” to allow us to focus on the safety of each player.

Our program is structured to allow each player to reach thier fullest potential by making sure they are getting proper coaching, adequate playing time, and great competition.  

Our home games will be played at Boys & Girls Club Park at 3210 8th Avenue, which has restrooms, spacious parking, and a great bermuda grass field.

Practices: 3 per week, beginning late July

Cost: $80 (this includes a Boys & Girls Club Membership)              

Ages: 3rd -8th grade

For more information, please call 812-232-2046 or email rnieto@thbgc.com 


3rd & 4th Grade Football (Junior League)

Colts (J9)                                              SCHEDULE

Braves (J7)                                                    

Golden Irish  (J6)                                  SEPTEMBER

Vikings (J8)                                           OCTOBER



5th & 6th Grade (Senior League)    SCHEDULE

Broncos (S7)                                                             

Irish  (S6)                                                             SEPTEMBER

Ravens (S8)                                                      OCTOBER



7th Grade Football                              SCHEDULE                    

Spartans                                                    Spartans Schedule


Warriors                                                     Warriors Schedule


8th Grade Football                                  SCHEDULE

Braves                                                           Braves Schedule


Generals                                                        Generals Schedule


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