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Pre-School Indoor Soccer

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Pre School Indoor Soccer

The Terre Haute Boys & Girls Club indoor soccer program is designed to meet each player at their current level of play and provide opportunities to increase their individual skills. The goal is that these opportunities lead to an overall enjoyment of the game for years to come and an increased skill set. Through participation in weekly practices and games, players learn sportsmanship, how to work as a team, and also build quality relationships with players and coaches in the program. Games will be played on a gym floor, using the current basketball lines. A Futsal Jr ball will be used for U6. Futsal-specific soccer balls are smaller, but usually weigh about the same as a regular size 5 soccer ball. Futsal balls are often low-bounce and made specifically for indoor play for better control during fast play on hard surfaces.

Age Groups: 3-4 preschool, 5-8.

Cost: $40 (plus a current membership $30)